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Learn more about the book "Marcel's Letters" and the font P22 Marcel Script, which is based on the handwriting of conscripted WWII laborer Marcel Heuzé
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June 4, 1944: “…it’s only hope that holds us together”

Front and back images of postcard written by French Forced Laborer Louis-Robert Fayet on June 4, 1944
Thorn, the 4th of June, 1944    Carte

My little adored Marie,

I see, my love, that you have received good news from Jeannot (Johnny). I’m happy about that, darling. Yes, I also wish for him to return soon, close to his little wife and his Nicole. Yes, Loulou, let’s hope that everything will be finished soon so that we can all stroll together.



1943 French Compulsory Labor Service Census Certificate

In one of the letters Marcel mailed from Berlin, he mentioned having to show his papers to the German police. My guess is that he showed them his arbeitskarte (worker card) which likely included his photo and listed basic biographic information. The arbeitskarte might have also been inked with his fingerprints.READ MORE