June 12, 1944: “I will be again rather calm in waiting for the end…”
See/read a postcard written June 12, 1944
Francoise Delbarre, 22 Marceau Street Vanves, Handwritten WWII postcard, forced labor, French forced labor, 2GM, Carolyn Porter, Marcel Heuzé, human rights violations of WWII, WWII correspondence, Handwritten World War II postcard
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June 12, 1944: “I will be again rather calm in waiting for the end…”

Front and back side of handwritten postcard from WWII covered with chemical censor marks

June 12, 1944

My dear mom, my dear dad, my little sister Rolande..

…made progress


…because soon the suppression will probably be strong

…so hoping that it will probably not last too long and that you won’t have to suffer

…that will be caused by the new events

For us it seems in the…that I will be again rather calm in waiting for the end. So today I am on night service to keep busy

…beginning right now…

Without changes and I still find little….Of me Briefly, I don’t have time to send and the days pass 17-18-19 …

Will we see again the beautiful days before the end of the year? You will have them maybe for the 16th of next month. I hope that you received my last letter and that is arrived very quickly, bringing you some details that I regret a lot sending to you in these … cards. I received previously your last two packages at several days’ interval. My card from Marc Han—, a letter from Jacques. Unfortunately I don’t have time … to answer and besides, the difficulty that we encounter with postal services does not make our task easy. I am, as you know at [work] 16 out of 24 hours per day. I spend the rest of my time at camp sleeping and all the … in that way. The reserves are doubtless … huge … despite all the difficulty in catching the accumulated delays. … since they lack spirit.

Notes from the translator, Janet:
1. This was very hard to read because of the blank spaces caused by the censor, and also because the handwriting is very hard to read, with thick ink making blurry letters.
2. The card was addressed to: Mr. and Mrs. Delbarre, 22 Marceau Street, Vanves (Seine)