Love, Hugs & Kisses XO
Learn more about the collection of vintage wood letters used in Nesja Press' newest greeting card.
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Love, Hugs & Kisses XO

If you’ve ever been to my house, you might have noticed a type-centric collection decorating our space: 4″ and 5″ vintage wooden letterpress X’s and O’x. Hugs and kisses! Over the last decade I have collected more than 150 letters; they can be found perched atop picture frames in the living room, stacked next to books in the book case, and displayed atop an oversize photo in our dining room. The collection includes chunky slab serif letters, graceful curved serif letters, spare sans serif letters, inline letters, narrow letters, wide letters, and anything in between.

Last fall I loaned a box of those wooden letters to long-time friend Christy Nesja of Nesja Press. Christy and I went to design school together, and recently she and her husband Paul started a boutique letterpress studio (learn more here). Neither of us knew exactly what she’d make with those letters, but I trusted she’d do something fun, and I think she looked forward to playing.

Earlier today Nesja Press revealed the final product: “Love, Hugs & Kisses XO” cards. I love ’em! You might, too. Check ’em out!

Here’s a link to order a box of your own.


Photo showing some of the letters “locked up” in Christy’s letterpress:

Photo ©Nesja Press. Used with permission.

And the final Nesja Press card:

Photo ©Nesja Press. Used with permission.