July 2, 1944: “Nobody counts on the return of Roland according to the events of June 6”
Learn more about the book "Marcel's Letters" and the font P22 Marcel Script, which is based on the handwriting of conscripted WWII laborer Marcel Heuzé
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July 2, 1944: “Nobody counts on the return of Roland according to the events of June 6”

Elbing, July 2, 1944

Dear Madame and Monsieur Roland, 

I received your kind letter [which] gave me great pleasure to have your news and information about the arrival of Roland. Thank you very much for the information about the [unclear] young lady. I’m in good spirits, don’t worry.

I received the package by mail from Roland containing 12 eggs and one through the train station, sent on May 1. Everything was complete. I thank you for it, for I’m using everything and don’t waste a thing. I told all of my friends about your messages. They all thank you and send to you their best regards. Nobody counts on the return of Roland according to the events of June 6.  

Right now we are in [bed]room 5. Ours is going to be repainted and disinfected. We were supposed to get one week of vacation here, but unfortunately it was cancelled. Hugs and kisses to your daughter. I wish good health also to all of you. Sending my most sincere and affectionate friendship,   




Notes from the translator, Janet: It is unusual that William addresses them as Mr. & Mrs. Roland, since Roland is a first name, instead of Mr. & Mrs. Gardais. French people usually capitalize a last name, also. William’s card shows some spelling mistakes, related to silent letters, not uncommon in these cards.


Note from Carolyn: Janet and I were a bit dumbfounded about the delivery of eggs. Perhaps they were boiled or pickled, rather than fresh, so that they could be transported?