January 21, 1944: “…we talked a bit about our country back home. That made him happy…”
See/read letter written January 21, 1944 by French forced laborer Clément Roumieu
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January 21, 1944: “…we talked a bit about our country back home. That made him happy…”

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Roumieu
Bar sur Loup, close to Grasse, Maritime Alps, France

Ludwigshofen, January 21, 1944

My very dear parents,

I have just received several letters dated December 20, 23, 25 and January 1 that pleased me very much, for they brought me your good news and I can see that your health is good, and I can tell you that it’s the same for all of us.

I couldn’t answer all of your letters with a lot of details, because I wouldn’t have enough space, but I will continue to write to you regularly since I know that a couple words will please you. I believe that you must have received the letter where I told you that as far as sending letters, we were limited (side 2) to two per month. But with these post cards, it’s OK. My dear parents, today it’s raining and I’m going to take advantage of it to send you a few words since I can’t go outside. Since Monday I have been off duty because I hurt my fingernail under an edge, which hurt me a lot, but now it’s better and tomorrow I will go to get paid, for my time off is over, and on Monday I will have to go back to work, but these few days off were not bad for me, and I got a good rest. Yesterday Joseph and I went to town, for he also had a day off and that’s where we spent the afternoon, while Popel worked. I must say that Ricard-Jean, the brother of Robert, came to see us and we talked a bit about our country back home. That made him happy and I told him that if he needed anything, to tell me. He told me to say that to his mother, who would be happy to hear that. My dear parents, we don’t have any news about the package, but it should arrive soon. What surprised me is the two weddings that I really didn’t expect. And Charles, what does he say, and is he still there? And Marius also, will want to get married. I received news from Cantine and that pleased me. I’m going to answer her. You tell me that Charles also joined the army and you can believe that that pleased me a lot, at least that will be good for him. My dear parents, I don’t have much new to tell you. It’s ten months since I left and the time seems very long and I can’t wait until the day when I can have leave, and I must hope that it won’t be long in coming. So I must still be patient. My dear parents, please send my regards to the Giordamanga and Feraud families and to Popel’s family and tell them that our morale is good. Please tell me what’s happening there and what you’re doing and receive my best hugs and I send my love to both of you, and papa and the whole family and [unclear].



Notes from translator:
– It seems strange that Clément was off work for a damaged fingernail, but that’s what I understand for  J’ai baissé mon ongle sous une bordure.
– Marius is a popular name in this part of France: Provence, along the Mediterranean. The address is in the Alpes Maritimes (Maritime Alps), the mountains that go close to the sea.