February 16, 1944: “I will do all that I can to please you…”
See/read a postcard written February 16, 1994 by a mother working in Metz.
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February 16, 1944: “I will do all that I can to please you…”

Front and back side of handwritten postcard from WWII

February 16, 1944

My very dear ones,

Today I am sending the third stamp of the series of which I sent the first two on my letter on the 14th and in the same mail I sent two small packages containing your birthday gift.

These are carved wood book ends—both of them weighed more than six kilos so I had to send them in two packages. I you want stamps that I can get, tell me…it’s no trouble. I will do all that I can to please you. Answer me as soon as possible. What are all three of you doing? Is René working well at school? Kisses to Laure, René and you, my dear big one.

Your mother


To read another WWII card mailed by a woman, click here.

Notes from the translator, Janet:
1. From a mother working in Germany!
2. Because of a few unusual letters in the writer’s handwriting, it looks like the last name is Getz.