April 2, 1944: “…It’s getting more and more difficult to find clothes.”
See/read a letter from April 1944 written by French forced laborer Emile Hernier
Emile Hernier, French forced laborer, French forced labor letter, Paris, 1944, handwritten letter from WWII, 2GM, Carolyn Porter, Service du Travail Obligatoire
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April 2, 1944: “…It’s getting more and more difficult to find clothes.”

front and back of handwritten postcard, mailed April 2, 1944

April 2nd, 1944 

My dear Dad,

I’m writing to you hoping that you received all my cards in spite of the problems with the mail.

This week I received your package with the two shirts. I was afraid it might be lost; that would have been a real problem because now it’s getting more and more difficult to find clothes. 

Try to find me a can-opener. I don’t have one and it’s impossible to open food cans without that utensil. 

I still haven’t heard from Grenoble. Three weeks, one letter. 

I’m still fine and winter is finally ending. Is it the last one? I don’t think so. 

I’m leaving  for now, my dear Dad, and kiss you with all my heart.