December 21, 1942: “The Union of Lonesome Marines”
See/read the transcript of an imagined conversation between William Lynn, a Marine in San Francisco and his love, Wilma Short.
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December 21, 1942: “The Union of Lonesome Marines”


wilma-combo-smDec. 21, 1942

Dearest Wilma:
Received some of your belated mail today, from the 1st, 10th and 23rd of August. Good mail service, eh? Most of the news you have written in later letters. Oh yes! I understand what you mean about your social security card, now. Wilma! I am surprised at you!

You mentioned in one of your letters to write as if I were talking to you. To make it seem like old times just look on the other side of this sheet.

Hello Wilma!
Hello Bill!


Censored again
Cigarette Wilma?
Silence continued.
Penny for your thoughts, Bill.
I have a penny, Wilma.

Cigarette, Wilma?
Yes, Bill

Good night, Wilma.
Good night, Bill.

Now which do you like the best? My letter writing or my imagination. I know. Don’t bother to tell me. I’ll telephone the next time.
Well, here goes that old question again. How about the picture I am supposed to get from  you? If you don’t soon send one, I’ll have to take it up with the Union of Lonesome Marines.
Time for chow, so I’ll say goodbye for this time.
Lots of love,