Carolyn Porter | WeMentor Podcast: WeMentor Mondays with Nancy
Includes a link to Nancy's WeMentor interview with Carolyn
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WeMentor, Inc. Podcast

Photo of Carolyn Porter and Nancy Meyer

A couple of months ago I met Nancy Meyer, founder of WeMentor, a company that offers programs and services for entrepreneurial leadership development. Once she read the book and discovered I was a freelance designer, Nancy invited me to be part of her podcast interview series, “WeMentor Mondays with Nancy.” This weekly podcast series, which now includes more than 100 episodes, is a collection of conversations with entrepreneurs regarding journeys of self-mastery, leadership and life success. 

The podcast was recorded at Nancy’s studio a couple of weeks ago. It was a really fun conversation, and I think that joy comes through in the interview. During the first interview we talk about 4-H, freelancing, the background to the book and more. Check it out! The first conversation was posted this week; the second part of the conversation will be posted on January 8!

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