December 24, 1943: “…pin up those toe and heel businesses…”
See/read a letter written Christmas Eve, 1943 by 17th bomb squadron member Jack Gomez
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December 24, 1943: “…pin up those toe and heel businesses…”



Dec 24th (1943)

My dearest,

You must be in bed by this time. It’s 8 o’clock here (12:30 A.M.) in Laurel [Mississippi]. I’ve been thinking of you constantly today. Today, of all days, we should be together and yet we’ve lots to do before we can start our life together again.

I could picture you tonite our with your carols and feeling sort of funny, exactly the same as I do. There really isn’t any way of saying or showing how deeply I feel about you, you know. Ruth, there may be times when I write in a peculiar manner, sort of nonchalant, it’s really only temperary (sic) mood and I would do better if I didn’t write at those times. I love you, more than I do anything and only live with the realization that you feel the same toward me. 

I hope and pray that I’ll be home with you next year so we can share all our joys together. Next year we’ll hang our stockings on the mantel, me my G.I.’s and you those beautiful rayon hose (it might be to my advantage if you would pin up those toe and heel businesses). I’d get more candy and nuts and things. I’ve not had a thing for Xmas yet, not even a note isn’t that horrible. Joe, Paul, Ike and I had dinner together tonite and of all things we had there stuffed olives and I remembered that I have some waiting for me somewhere hope I get them before long and some mail, too. Let me know how many cards and things you got I hope that with them all you’ve had lots of happiness.

Now that I’ve written two pages and have started on the third my mind has turned into a solid mass of nothing. I can’t find a thing more to say.

Ike has been real pally this past week. I think that he appreciates the fact that there is a difference now. We had a real long talk yesterday and he surprised me with his logic. I’m glad that he’s finally come to his senses about you. He’s not a bad sort just peculiar in some of his ways. He would still like to do something after this is over but we can’t commit ourselves. Most anything can happen and you have to help me decide when the time comes. It’s 50-50 with us, isn’t it?

Well, Ruth darling, comes the end once more. Write, and rest at ease knowing that I’m well, love you dearly, and am unhappy at being away. Good nite, sweet.

Love, Jack


Technical Sergeant P.M. (Jack) Gomez
Mailed from 71st Rcn Group AAF, 17th Bomb Squadron
San Francisco, California to
Miss P.M. Gomez, Laurel Mississippi