A sweet, sweet 1880 handwriting sample
See/read a ledger page from December 1880 showing a list of candy and firecrackers being purchased by Mr. J.R. Hall at Carl Mueller & Son shop, Washington.
Candy, ledger, December 1880, apothecary, rock candy, sugar cigars, caramels, firecrackers, mint sticks, lemon drops, Carolyn Porter, Marcel's Letters
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A sweet, sweet 1880 handwriting sample

This is a silly departure from the serious handwriting specimens I typically post. But this sample was too fun not to share. Take a look at this sweet, sweet ledger page from December 13, 1880. It lists a variety of candies being purchased: lemon drops, kisses, peanut bars, crab apples, chocolate twists, cinnamon sticks, mint sticks, sugar cigars (spelled “segars”), rock candy, caramels, fruit balls and more. Then, at the bottom you’ll find a variety of firecrackers: paper caps, bomb shells, penny torpedoes, penny smokers and more. 

What do you think: was someone stocking up for Christmas candies and New Year festivities? Do you have another guess?