Book Blurb: Elizabeth Rynecki
Blurb by Elizabeth Rynecki, author of "Chasing Portraits"
Marcel's Letters, Marcel Heuzé, Marcel Heuze, Carolyn Porter, STO, WWII, Advance Praise, Skyhorse Publishing, Blurb
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Book Blurb: Elizabeth Rynecki

We pick a font hoping it says something about us; that we are creative, intellectual, or have business know-how. But what happens when a font picks a graphic designer and turns her world upside down and inside out? Working from a handful of fragile and translucent pages written in a language she doesn’t speak, Carolyn sets out to uncover not only the mystery of Marcel's life, but in the process finds her own passion to create a font in his honor. In Marcel’s Letters, Carolyn rescues one man’s legacies, and ultimately gifts us with her own.

– Elizabeth Rynecki, author of the forthcoming book and documentary Chasing Portraits