January 6, 1943: “I Go All to Pieces When I Write You!”
See/read a puzzle letter from January, 1943
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January 6, 1943: “I Go All to Pieces When I Write You!”

2850 Bellevue St.
Kansas City Mo.

Dearest Richard:

I rec’d your nice letter so will try and answer it. Here’s goes for nothing and you’ll agree with me when you finish reading it. 

I’d of answered sooner but last nite my girl friend and I decided to go to a show. We seen “Thousands Cheer.” It was really good.  There’s another one I’d like to see and thats at the “Tower” Smiling Burnett in person and also “Pistol Packing Mamma.” You know he’s the one that plays with Gene Autry.

I got seven dollars for Christmas so I’m getting me a pair of Roller skates. Then will I have fun (I mean falling).

Richard! Bonnie sure isn’t the girl she used to be. I’m afraid she’s going to the bad.

I’m telling you things are sure quiet at the sore now that Christmas is over with. Anyhow I can make credits and Refunds out in my sleep. 

Well Richard I didn’t start the New Year out like you did. I stayed in town and went to the show and I’ll never do it again. Drunk people. Young and old. It was awful. 

I’d better sign off and try and write a few more so until I hear from you again real soon. 

Love June


Note: Spelling and grammar is presented as written.