October 16, 1944: “…We have lived the great and glorious days of the liberation of Paris…”
See/read postcard written October 16, 1944.
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October 16, 1944: “…We have lived the great and glorious days of the liberation of Paris…”

October 16th, 1944

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson,

I have been waiting several days to be [sure] that the mail service had resumed operations. But Bob Ingalls will probably be back before this card reaches you and you will already know already all about us. However I am glad to tell you [my] gratitude for your thoughts and for your parcels. It is hard to imagine all the comfort and the pleasure I had and Hommer also when we got them: they brought along a bit of American atmosphere and the remembrance of the beautiful years I spent in U.S.A. and when one is behind the barbed wires this is marvelous!

We had the luck to come back in September 1942 and since that time we have [stayed] in Paris: I’m in the office of [illegible] with [name illegible], and Hommer is in [city illegible] as Lead of the laboratory. I went to Port-Jerome three times, one of which was to move my furniture to Paris where I took an apartment so I can live there with my wife and my daughters. They are both in good health and Janine is now 5 1/2 years old and goes to school. But she is in Quimper at present. We left her there on account of the life difficulties in Paris but we got cut from her after June 6th. Now we have good news and there was nothing serious on this point.

Mr. Cadeau was arrested again on June 7th without any charge, but just because he was considered suspect. He was sent to Rouen, then to Compiègne, and he left Compiègne on July 15th by a train of 3000 others for Germany: Hamburg or Munich. Mrs. Cadeau could not get in touch with him since he left Gravenchon and has no news. Is that not perfectly inhuman?

In August we have lived through the great and glorious days of the liberation of Paris and had the pleasure to see our friends back : R.R. Young. H.M. Noel. Bob. When can we expect you too? Best regards from my wife and very sincerely yours,
R. Fagnier