My two brown-eyed boys
An answer to the question, "What do Aaron and Hoover look like?"
Ely, Minnesota, Carolyn Porter, Hoover the dog, snowshoeing, Marcel's Letters, Marcel Heuzé
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My two brown-eyed boys

One question that has come up at almost every book club I’ve visited with is, “What does Aaron look like?” His photo isn’t in the book, which seems to be a disappointment to readers.

He’s camera shy; that’s the official reason, anyway. 

A woman recently sent me a lovely email after reading Marcel’s Letters. Among other comments, she noted, “The photos of Marcel, et al, are fabulous; I’ve looked at them many times. I would have liked to have seen a photo of Hoover and Aaron. In my mind, Aaron looks like Simon Cowell.”

I shared that comment with Aaron. He chuckled. Then he threatened to start wearing super tight white t-shirts to complete the look.

With Aaron’s permission, I’m posting this photo of my two brown-eyed boys: Aaron and Hoover. The photo was taken in 2008 while the three of us were snowshoeing near Ely, Minnesota.