Marcel’s Letters is an Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist
Marcel's Letters is an Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist. Learn more about the Eric Hoffer award here.
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Marcel’s Letters is an Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist

Image of cover of book "Marcel's Letters" next to Eric Hoffer Book Award Finalist badge.

I was happy to learn “Marcels’ Letters” was a category finalist for the Eric Hoffer Book Award.

About the Eric Hoffer Award
“The Eric Hoffer Award honors freethinking writers and independent books of exceptional merit. The commercial environment for today’s writers has all but crushed the circulation of ideas. It seems strange that in the Information Age, many books are blocked from wider circulation, and powerful writing is barred from publication or buried alive on the Internet. Furthermore, many of the top literary prizes will not consider independent books, choosing instead to become the marketing arms of large presses.

“Honored books are from small, academic, and micro presses, including self-published offerings. Throughout the centuries, writers such as Emily Dickinson, James Joyce, Walt Whitman, and Virginia Woolf have taken the path of self-publishing, rather than have their ideas forced into a corporate or sociopolitical mold. Today, small and academic presses struggle in this same environment. The Hoffer will continue to be a platform for and the champion of the independent voice. Winners of the Hoffer are given prizes, honors, and worldwide media exposure, as well as being covered in the US Review of Books.

“Nominated books are judged by independent panels within eighteen all-inclusive categories. The annual grand prizewinner is awarded a $2,500 cash prize. Each category is assigned a winner, runner-up, and multiple honorable mentions. Recognition is given to the best academic, small, micro, and self-published presses.”

See the full list of 2018 Category Finalists here.