September 23, 1944: “…so now I am in France…”
See and read a soldier's letter from September 23, 1944
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September 23, 1944: “…so now I am in France…”


This nostalgia-filled letter tugged at my heartstrings. You can feel the connection this soldier is yearning for as he asks about old friends and recalls carefree moments before the war.

Sept. 23, 1944

Dear Mrs. Robbins an(d) Family,

I know this letter will be more of (a) surprise to you than anything – comming (sic) from me. I have often thought of you but never took the time to write, so now I am in France. I guess being over here a while makes you think of all the good times we had a few years ago – but it only seems like yesterday that us boys cluttered up your backyard with motorcycles or some old car. But any way you never seemed to care. I do hope everything is ok with you folks. I hope you don’t mind this paper. It’s about all I could find at the time. 

France is not such a bad place – lots of good-looking women – and wine or cognac. The weather is not so good today it’s raining. I never have herd (sic) much about where Bernard or Dick are. I know they left the States long before I did. Did Bill card ever go to the army? When I was home on my last furlough he said he might have to go. Well, I suppose I have taken up enough of your time and hope that you can find some time to write ——

Good luck – Dale


I couldn’t resist doing a quick search to see if I could find out what happened to Dale. Did he return home? Yes! Dale received a Purple Heart for his service, and lived to the age of 76. His wife survived him by nine years. Together they had four children.