If I had just gotten it right the first time…
Learn more about the book "Marcel's Letters" and the font P22 Marcel Script, which is based on the handwriting of conscripted WWII laborer Marcel Heuzé
Carolyn Porter, Marcel's Letters, Marcel Heuzé, Writing, Editing, Copywriting, Patience
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If I had just gotten it right the first time…


After 10 or more rounds of revisions on the laptop, I went old school and took the red pen to the hard copy draft of Chapter 11.

I showed the pile of red pages to my husband, Aaron, and lamented I didn’t think it would be this bad after having already made so many rounds of revisions. And in a tone of voice that feigned innocence, he reminded me that if I had gotten all the words right the first time around, I wouldn’t be having this problem now.

I wanted to hug him. To death.