A sad goodbye to a member of “Team Marcel”
Kathleen Horton, November 16, 1953 – October 16, 2016
Kathy Horton, Kathleen Diane Horton, October 16 2015, Marcel's Letters, "Marcel's Letters", Marcel Heuzé, Carolyn Porter
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A sad goodbye to a member of “Team Marcel”


Kathy Horton, November 16, 1953 – October 16, 2016
Photo taken September, 2014, at the Humor to Fight the Tumor fundraising event

Nine days ago, Kathy passed away after a years-long battle with brain cancer. We all knew what was coming, yet the finality of it still feels impossible. Her absence has not yet fully sunk in.

Kathy was a voracious cheerleader for her friends. She fearlessly sought adventure (…Kayaking the Dalmation Islands? Bicycling across France? Yes! and Yes!) She was an active, engaged listener. She had an infectious laugh. And Kathy was a core member of “Team Marcel” — the name coined for the small circle of people who were with me as I searched for Marcel’s fate. Kathy patiently listened to my frustrations, she saw the earliest iterations of the font, and she put a major puzzle piece into place that allowed me to find answers.

Yesterday we had a Celebration of Life ceremony at the beautiful Lakewood Cemetery Chapel. As I drove to the service, I imagined pews filled with broken-hearted friends and family. A “celebration” seemed impossible. But it was a celebration. The altar held her bicycle, hiking boots, ski boots, painting supplies, playing cards, quilting and more. It was quintessentially Kathy. Friends shared stories, and at times the entire chapel echoed with laughter. Yes, we are broken-hearted. Yes, we celebrated.

Readers will get to know Kathy early on in the book. I expect people will embrace her light, laughter, and loyal friendship, and will come to love her in the way her many friends and family did.