December 24, 1943: “A fruitcake from Mollie”
See/read soldier's letter write Dec. 24, 1943
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December 24, 1943: “A fruitcake from Mollie”


Dec. 24, 1943

Dearest Mother and all,

I have been expecting to get a letter from you the past few days but so far no luck.

The only mail I have had from home has been two copies of the Headlight and they were several months old. I received a box of handkerchiefs and a fruitcake from Mollie. She sent them for my birthday. The handkerchiefs are real nice and the cake was very good. It is nice to have something like that out here. The Xmas packages have been coming in but so far I have been left out. Maybe mine will come in the next shipment. If I didn’t know they were on the way it wouldn’t be so bad. Anyway I am still hoping I have better luck this time than I did the last Xmas. 

Well, according to all the papers I have seen, things are pretty good back home. A lot of the boys having furloughs and things like that. Well maybe they deserve it especially the ones that have never left there. Maybe I will be able to get one when I get back.

Well I have been feeling fine lately. With the exception of a few headaches and things like that. But I have no [illegible]. Give my regards to all at home. When I receive some mail maybe I will know more to write. So until later
All my love

HM [last name illegible]