August 6, 1945: “I’d like to be Danzig in the dark under a pail moon …”
See/read a four page WWII pictogram love letter written August 6, 1945.
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August 6, 1945: “I’d like to be Danzig in the dark under a pail moon …”

Who doesn’t enjoy a pictogram? You know what that is: it’s where a picture represents a word, concept, or instruction. Gosh, I remember having so much fun with those kinds of books as a kid (…a big shout-out to the Verona Public Library, where, as a kid, I’d check out books by the armful).

When I found this letter for sale I snapped it up even before I was able to read it. The idea of a WWII love letter written in pictograms was just too much fun to resist. Rather than providing the translation, I’ll let you read it for yourself. That’s the fun in a pictogram, after all.

As far as who wrote it, all I know is that it was written by a woman named Pearl and the envelope bears a postmark from Wallingford, Connecticut. I have the outer envelope, but my guess is that it had been adhered to a scrapbook address side down. The addresses are illegible because they are covered by remnants of black paper and glue. The only words I can read are: “1/Sgt. Leslie … Marine … 953 … c/o … San Francisco, California.”