April 1, 1944: Furlough is coming near
See/read a postcard written April 1, 1944 that includes a hand-drawn fish in a basket, Lily of the Valley and a newly hatched chick.
WWII postcard, handwritten postcard, April Fish, April Fools, April Fools Day, 1944, Lafond, La Rochelle, Carolyn Porter, "Marcel's Letters: A Font and the Search for One Man's Fate"
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April 1, 1944: Furlough is coming near

Handwritten WWII postcard, written in French, with hand-drawn fish basket and Lily of the Valley

Lafond–La Rochelle
April 1, 1944

Dear Mom,

Yesterday there was beautiful sunshine and today, for April Fish, we have grey weather and fine rain. Tomorrow night Gaston will take the train, and after tomorrow noon he will go see you for sure. It seems to me you come back at noon or 12:30.

Last night we each ate 2 crepes, and then after, with Gaston, we went down to the station by car in order to accompany Mrs. Braun, who only serves a table, and since this morning is in Cochon. Gaston drove to the alley and by the time I returned it was dark night. It is 11:00 and I’m stopping while waiting for the mailman.

Furlough is coming near because Berthet comes back the day before we’ll leave. I kiss you real well. A thousand good kisses, XXXX.


(NOTE 1)
Say hello. My greetings to Serre-lenlart[?] and also Madame Vidalia, Charlotte and your friends. Georges
(NOTE 2)
I have just received your letter as well as Aunt Colette and Juliette. Thank you and a thousand good kisses. Georges