An Important Question from White Bear Lake (1912)
View a postcard from White Bear Lake, 1912, where the card's author asks an important question about making dressing.
White Bear Lake, Turkey, 1912, postcard, sailboat, Carolyn Porter, Marcel Heuzé, handwriting, laundry
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An Important Question from White Bear Lake (1912)



I collect old cards and letters the way others might collect shoes or recipes. And speaking of recipes, this card — which has a charming photo of White Bear Lake on the front — has a funny (and urgent!) message on the back:


Dear Mrs. Hegge,
Just a card to get a little bit of information. Want to know how to make dressing for the turkey like you do. You started to tell me once + something came up that you didn’t finish. Please answer right away + you can send it in care of the laundry + I will get it sooner than if it were delivered. Leah + Joe Callaway got the turkey + we are going to get the rest of the dinner altho was invited to Ericksons in Moorhead + to Larsons home [illegible]. Write me as soon as possible. Love from Nina.