Carolyn Porter | Soldier's Letter, Christmas 1944; mailed from France
Read a letter written by Army Private Howard Morris on Christmas Day, 1944
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December 25, 1944: “I trust all the family had a Merry Xmas”


December 25, 1944
No. 42

My darling wife,

It is Xmas day, and as far as the Army is concerned everything has been done possible to make it pleasant tho’ away from home and our families. For breakfast we had cereal, ham & eggs, bread, butter, buns and coffee. At lunch  turkey made its appearance with French fried potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, soup, rolls, raisin bread, coffee, pears and cake. Also, real apples, hard candy and each a large Hershey bar. Dinner was light but sufficient. Our commanding officer said a few words including that he hoped we would all be at home next year, and we all have the same hope.

After lunch Miller and I went to town and visited the Red Cross Club and they really have a nice one here. Better than any I saw in England. Upon arrival a U.S.O. show was in progress and tho’ we missed the greater part we enjoyed what we did see. Afterwards we played a little ping pong, ate donuts and coffee, then returned to our barracks. You can see that we’ve had a full day and a much appreciated day.

I wonder what you are doing and about the reaction of the boy. I miss you more than my vocabulary will allow me to say but without you I am only half a person. I have been so fortunate and I thank God for the many blessings that have come my way. I trust it is his will for the war to end sooner.

These fellows are a splendid group and I enjoy being with them a great deal.

Last night after writing you I got off letters to Mother and Wally. It looks like Wally will be home on his furlough before I will arrive. It must be a wonderful feeling to be able to figure ahead when you should be home for awhile at least. Time does pass when you figure back and they will be having a family before I realize it.

I trust all the family had a Merry Xmas and Louise and the boys came out way ahead. Give all my regards. I miss and love you. Hug the boy for me and I’m looking forward to seeing his eyes shine next year.

All my love,

Note: This was mailed from Private Howard Morris to his wife in Johns, North Carolina

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