Carolyn Porter | News of Hitler's death: "I'm wondering if it is true..."
See/read letter from Howard O. Morris, written May 1, 1945, when he hears of Hitler's death
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May 1, 1945: News of Hitler’s death: “I’m wondering if it is true…”

May 1, 1945
No. 144

My darling wife,

I have just finished a long letter to Mother and it has been overdue.

Today I received your v-mail #162 and air mail #163, which was written April 16th. In it you mentioned receiving my letter of April 1st and now I’m receiving your reply on May 1st. Yes, another month, and now the fifth of the year, and the thirteenth for me overseas. I missed in my guess that it would be over the last of April, but the peace rumors are flying thick and fast. I read today about the premature headlines and celebrations in the states, but that can be called practice.

The weather has turned off uncomfortably cold and has even snowed.

Flash: One of the fellows listening to a radio just stuck his head in the door saying the German radio had broadcast that Hitler was dead. I’m wondering if it is true and if so what will it mean. I suppose anything can happen now. Naturally, I hope all will lay down their arms and it will not be necessary to clean out small [?] and contend with guerrilla warfare. It seems to me that such resistance would be mainly SS troops and now with Himmler doing the surrendering it looks like that in Italy would be the finish of his gang. Well, we’ll see, and as long as we have faith, live right, we’ll never have to worry. I’ve found out a lot since entering this army and know that I have so very much to be thankful for. My many blessings are a constant amazement and keep asking why me. Everything that has happened to use has been for the best and this separation will in some way bring about a richer and fuller life, and I’m at the point where that is not a question in my mind.

So the boy doesn’t want to wear shoes. Has he already arrived at that stage? However, it is possible that I will join him upon my return. He really must be a big fellow now and I would like to see him attending Sunday school.

I also received today a package from Mother and another from Mrs. Thornton. Mother’s had peanuts, candy, raisins, tea, and Mrs. Thornton’s canned meat spread, candy and some air mail stationery.

Please give my regards to all and tell Chas + Neil not to let the boy hurt them.

All my love,

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