Carolyn Porter | Letter from military base in England, Christmas Eve, 1943
Text of a letter from George Pearson to Mary Smalley of Brooklyn NY, written Christmas Eve 1943
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December 24, 1943: “Two of these Christmas Eves have passed since I first left home…”

Dearest Mary,

This evening I felt an occasion to be spent at something other than work, so for the first time in a week I am here in my Nissen Hut before “lights out.”

Two of these Christmas Eves have passed since I first left home. You will remember how we had school on Christmas at Lowry Field last year. This year finds us very far apart but I am sure the time is close when we shall see the end of the War in Europe. After that, with God’s help we may end this whole business and take up the loose ends where we left them.

While down to Worthing last week I bought an electric heater element in Woolworth’s 3d + 6d store for 3/6 and have made a tin-can stove for it. The mile walk to the Mess Hall for breakfast has become more unpleasant with every day closer to winter. Now I have only to roll over and turn the switch on until my cup full of water boils, then add coffee or cocoa and take my morning nourishment in bed as a gentleman should. Betimes I even have toast when I have thought to plunder a few pieces of bread from supper the evening before.

My new reading lamp facilitates letter writing so that you can expect letters a little more frequently than heretofore — at least until my New Year’s resolutions wear off.

Further improvements include a candle holder bracket on the wall at the head of my bed for lighting when our English electricity fails, as it seems to do frequently. This will also give me a chance to read or write when I return to the hut late.

Good night, sweet

Note: This was written from a Sgt. George Pearson to a Miss Mary Smalley of Brooklyn, New York.

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