Carolyn Porter | A Collection of Unexpected Interactions
A reflection on, and a collection of, unexpected interactions, comments, and questions from readers.
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A Collection of Unexpected Interactions

This blog is a reflection on, and a collection of, unexpected interactions. This post will evolve and grow as time goes on. Come back again — I’m sure I will be adding more!

Reader question: “How did you come up with the name ‘Carolyn Porter’?”
It’s my real name, so the question threw me for a loop — until I realized the person asking the question didn’t know I kept my maiden name. They are a relative on Aaron’s side of the family; they assumed I had taken Aaron’s last name, and that “Porter” was an invented nom de plume.

Reader comments:
“Oh my god, this book! I cannot continue reading, but I cannot put it down. It’s too intense. Anyone who is not gripped by this is a robot.”

Reader confession: 
They were in tears by page 11.

Reader gift:
At the June 26 event at the Ramsey County Library–White Bear Lake, I was astonished to see a woman made a pin using a miniature image of the cover. I’m pretty sure my jaw fell open when I first saw it — then when she handed it to me! Thank you Peggy Parenteau! What a delightful surprise!

Reader question: “When did you get such a potty mouth?”
This question came from someone I’ve known since college — someone who claims they’ve never heard me swear before. I explained the internal monologue running through my head is frequently littered with f-bombs. The book simply commits those thoughts to paper. Read more here.

Reader comments about fonts and handwriting:
“I’m making an effort to write in cursive more often.”
“I had NO IDEA making a font was so much work!”
“I had never paid attention to fonts before. Now I see fonts everywhere!”

Reader Assignment: Bring an old family letter to book club
I’ve met with several book clubs where book club members had been given an assignment (above and beyond reading the book): they were instructed to bring along an old family letter. At one book club, the hostess brought out a letter, written in old-style German, that was framed and hung in her home. I love this assignment, in part because it prompts book club members to share their own family stories.

  • carolyn

    July 3, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    Jean, YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you for being such an incredible advocate and spreading the word!

  • Jean Boe

    July 3, 2017 at 11:10 pm

    Two weeks ago at a large car show, I was pushing your book on every reader friend Dave was at a car show in Des Moines last weekend & even he was recommending your book to some other friends. I just received a phone call (from a friend I had nailed)…she just bought your book at B&N in Burnsville. She then proceeded to tell the clerk “1987 AVHS grad; local girl; my friend says the book is excellent…”. Knowing Missy, I’m sure she pontificated m-a-n-y minutes on your book. The result is: the sales person said there was room at the front of the store & your book is now going to be featured there.
    Just thought you would like to know…..Have a happy 4th.
    FYI – Dave/husband is NOT a reader. In 49 yrs I have known him to read 1 (one) book. After hearing you in WBL, on the way home, he said he was interested now in reading your book. Way to go……