Carolyn Porter | RAF letter written June 18, 1945
See/read letter from June 18, 1945 describing the planning of a mock election, meant to "teach the men something about how a parliamentary election takes place..."
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June 18, 1945: “We are running a mock election on the unit just now…”


No. 145       18th June 1945

Dear Nova,

Many happy returns of today! I had not forgotten your birthday but I decided to mention it on the day itself instead of trying to time a letter to reach you on the day.

On Sunday I received your letter No. 147 and I see that you don’t employ spies at all. But it’s still a mystery to me. Anyway I am not at the place you mention. 

Our local cinema had to close down because the unit owning the apparatus moved away and took its cinema with it. 

I have had a letter from Mother and Pop, written at Blackpool. They said that you were arranging your next leave for the end of this month. It seems to have soon come round again. I don’t know if May will be able to visit Denaby at the same time as you. I have asked her if she intends to do that, but she has kept silent on the subject so maybe she is still trying to fix it. 

We are running a mock election on the unit just now. Under guidance of an officer, four candidates have been nominated for election and Polling Day will be next Saturday. The idea is that the unit represents a parliamentary constituency and we are going to elect our M.P. There is a Labour, Liberal, Tory and an Independent candidate and each has his own committee. They have been allowed to address personnel and answer questions on what they will do if elected. All four candidates are LACs and the campaign is going with a swing. Posters have been put up in the billets soliciting votes and endless discussions are taking place. The polling will be carried out properly, with ballot boxes and screened booths. A nominal roll of the unit represents the Electoral Register and an airman has been appointed Returning Officer. The whole idea is to teach the men something about how a parliamentary election takes place and it is proving very successful. 

I got the “Times” yesterday with Maud Brooksbank’s wedding photo in it. She doesn’t seem to have altered much at all. I wonder why she didn’t get married on uniform? The bloke looks about twice her age.

I also got the April issue of “Psychology.”

Today the first people are being released from the services. I have studied the “form” and I don’t think they will reach 32 group before they have reached the target release figure of one third of the present strength. So I guess I’ll be in until the end of Japan, and if women are to be released at the same time as men, you will be too. The army overseas tour is now 3 years 4 months, married or single, but there has been no word of changing the RAF single mans tour from 4 years. However, I am still optimistic that they will at last bring us into line with the army and that would make me due for repeat next March. So there is just sufficient time for them to change their minds. 

I have put in for a month’s leave in the U.K. but the chances of my name coming out of the hat are about a thousand to one. 

Well, that’s all for this time, so I’ll say cheerio the noo and all my fondest love and kisses.



Ed note: “Cheerio the noo” is a traditional Scottish way of saying “goodbye”

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