Carolyn Porter | Learn more about the font P22 Marcel
Learn more about the book "Marcel's Letters" and the font P22 Marcel Script, which is based on the handwriting of conscripted WWII laborer Marcel Heuzé
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The font P22 Marcel Script is a highly readable running script named in honor of Marcel Heuzé, a Frenchman conscripted into labor during World War II. During the months Marcel was in Germany, he wrote letters to his beloved wife and daughters back home in rural France. The letters — stained, scarred and covered with censor marks — were the original source documents used to create a script font with more than 1,300 glyphs. The font includes textural details that retain the expressive character of Marcel Heuzé’s original handwriting.




The font has won numerous awards and honors:

–   2014 New York Type Director’s Club Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design (this competition is considered the world’s premier typography competition).

–   2014 AIGA-MN

–   2015 Communication Arts Typeface Design

–   2015 Print Magazine Typeface Design

–   2015 Selection: AIGA-MN / University of Minnesota-Mankato “Project Passion” exhibition selection

Click here to see samples of the font in use.


Marcel Script is represented by P22 Type Foundry, a company known for representing typefaces inspired by art and history. P22 also works with museums and foundations to ensure the development of accurate historical typefaces that are fully relevant for today’s computer user. P22 Marcel Script can be licensed here: